We won big in Griesbach!

October 25, 2019

We did it!

All the hard work paid off.

Our riding stayed True Blue Conservative.

Thanks to all the volunteers, donors, supporters and voters for contributing to Kerry Diotte’s re-election in our riding of Edmonton Griesbach.

Kerry garnered 23,551 votes — over 12,000 more than the second-place NDP candidate and a whopping 15,746 votes more than the Liberal who placed third in the riding.

These as-yet unofficial results gave our newly re-elected Member of Parliament 51% of the vote in the riding. The NDP got 25% of the vote while the Liberals won 17%.

That’s a dramatic jump for Conservative support in the north-side riding since the 2015 election.

In that 2015 election Kerry got 19,157 votes (about 40%) compared to 16,309 (34%) for the NDP and 10,397 for the Liberal candidate.

Kerry said the outcome this Oct. 21 came down to a great team effort.

“It’s a cliche, but it’s absolutely true that I could not have done it without all the hard work of volunteers,” said Kerry. “I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”

“They really came through, especially making phone calls and door-knocking with me. I’m convinced that one-to-one contact with voters was the difference that won it for us.

“I’m humbled and honoured to be re-elected and I can’t wait to get to Ottawa to join my Conservative colleagues to hold Justin Trudeau and his Liberals to account.

“Thanks so much to the voters of Edmonton Griesbach who put their trust in me for a second term.”


If you got a taste of the politics this campaign and liked it, why not stay involved in the Conservative movement?

Our core re-election team is dissolving but several key people from that campaign will stay involved as members or supporters of the Edmonton Griesbach Conservative Association.

That entity is essentially the people who help support our local Conservative Member of Parliament by having short monthly meetings, holding meet and greets, staging events, raising money and helping to shape the policy and principles of the national Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

Do you want to help out? Want to have a say in the direction of Conservative party policies and principles? Do you have suggestions on important issues that Kerry can bring to Ottawa?

If you’re a Conservative, come check out our next meeting of the board at Abbotsfield Public Library, 3410 118 Ave NW, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 12. 

Catch up with friends you made during the campaign or make new ones. 

Kerry Diotte plans to attend the meeting as well to give an update on local and national campaigns and talk about future plans. 

We usually gather to socialize after the meeting too.

If you’d like more details about the upcoming meeting, feel free to call the current president of the Edmonton Griesbach Conservative Association, Wendy Batty at: (780) 720-9110.

Also, check out the association’s website here:


You can leave a general voice mail message here: (780) 701-0040.

You can also e-mail: [email protected].


Thanks to everyone who made donations to our recent campaign.

It costs tens of thousands of dollars to run a successful campaign, so your donations were well-spent.

If you made donations, thanks again. If you didn’t have a chance to make a donation, please consider making one today.

If you wanted to volunteer on this campaign but didn’t get a chance, a donation right now is the way you can still make your contribution to the campaign.

The stark reality is that there could be yet another election just around the corner given the Liberals only won a minority of seats.

If the government falls, we have to be ready to pounce and we need a local war chest to be able to run another local campaign. 

There are major tax benefits to making a donation. For instance, if you can afford to donate $400 it really costs you just $100 because you’ll get $300 back when you file your taxes. And if you donate to our local campaign every cent stays here to help finance Kerry’s campaigns.

You can make a donation to Kerry’s Conservative association securely online by going to our Edmonton Griesbach Conservative Association website: https://www.edmontongriesbach.ca/ 

If you’re donating with a cheque, it must be a personal one made payable to: Edmonton Griesbach Conservative Association. 

Mail it to:

Edmonton Griesbach Conservative Assoc.,

P.O. Box 51017 Highlands,

Edmonton, AB T5W 5G5

Thanks for all your great support.


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With your help, we’ll keep the momentum going and continue to work toward a strong, stable, ethical Conservative government in Ottawa.

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